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Subject X — 0.26.0 Update Description
Subject X — 0.26.0 Update Description
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The spookiest day of the year is сoming. It's time to get your costumes ready and dive into the Halloween-themed update, Subject X. This time, you’ll explore familiar locations from a new perspective, fight for your life against terrifying monsters or perhaps even become one.


In the temporary event Possessed, a squad of SIG4 fighters encounters a pack of bloodthirsty vampires. The humans' objective is to slay as many monsters as possible as the monsters are raging and trying to eliminate everyone. If a vampire kills a human, it takes over the body, gets a weapon, and joins the SIG4 team. The victim transforms into a monster and becomes a part of the Possessed team.

Monsters have an increased health pool and can also become invisible for a short period of time. In combat they can only rely on their own claws (a melee weapon), thus you’ll have to engage in close-quarters battles. To aid the SIG4 squad, we gave them special radar grenades to track down the elusive monsters.

The events of the Possessed mode will take place on the Province X map. It significantly differs from the common Province setting, featuring thematic decorations all around you, overall reduction of map’s scale, and newly accessible rooftop points. Due to the above mentioned, the map now offers new strategic opportunities: both offensive and defensive.

3v3 Monster Duel

In this lab, scientists create not only terrifying monsters, but are also trying to find the strongest species among them.

In the 3v3 Monster Duel mode, you'll venture into the new duel map, called Lab, to finally find out who's stronger: vampires or zombies. The battle follows the classic Duel rules, except for the number of participants.


Reap rewards from the Battle Pass and add new thematic items to your inventory.

You can expect skins, stickers, charms, and graffiti designed in the finest traditions of the horror genre! The ultimate Battle Pass reward will be gloves with an unusual aggressive design.


Spin is back! We've updated the Wheel of Fortune to make its mechanics simpler and fairer.

There are no longer divisions based on Spin qualities. Now, there's only one wheel featuring all the items at once. As soon as you win an item, it vanishes from the wheel, eliminating any chance of getting duplicates. So, this guarantees you an Arcane skin!

And this time there won't be a special Spin store or Spin currency. Each spin now costs a specific amount of Gold. The items from Spin are unique and will definitely delight the fans of dark and bold aesthetics. We wish you luck!


  • Random skin selection is now available for knives and gloves;

  • A timer has been added for weekly Battle Pass missions. Now you’ll be informed when a new week begins;

  • The dialogue window when communicating with an unknown player has been modified to prevent fraud;

  • New music has been introduced;

  • The game rules interface has been updated. You can read the rules here;

  • The bug that makes a grenade disappear after you pick it up has been fixed;

  • The quality of sounds has been improved;

  • Minor bugs have been fixed.

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