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Standoff 2 is a competitive game. That's why it's really important that players are treated equally and compete on an equal footing. It is precisely for that reason that game rules are necessary.

So that combatants are left with exclusively positive impressions of our game, we punish offenders by limiting their ability to perform certain actions. There are several types of prohibitions.

Login prohibition

Sometimes, we restrict a user's ability to log in to the game. This does not mean that their account has been banned. Most likely, it means that issues were detected on their device, and if these issues are solved, then the individual can continue playing Standoff 2.

Here are some of the violations for which players can be blocked from logging in to the game:

  • Using root access on the device.

  • Having software for hacking the game installed on the device.

  • Altering the game files or breaching their integrity.

  • Using an unofficial version of Standoff 2.

  • Suspicious files or apps are being detected by our security system.

Functions such as these are used by cheaters and can damage the game files. What's more, using them is unsafe.

Account ban

An account ban can be temporary or permanent. In this case, the ability to log in to the game from any device will be denied. We ban accounts for serious violations whereby the player gains an advantage by dishonest means or negatively affects other players.

Dishonest gameplay:

  • Using third-party software. This includes all mods that alter the game files or allow the player to gain an advantage in any other way: hacking software, character teleportation, autotargeting, changing textures, and many other cheats. Changing the game files to gain an advantage is punishable by a permanent account ban.

  • Acquiring an unfair advantage. For example, deliberately leveling up together with a cheater, boosting, smurfing, or transferring an account to someone else.

  • Taking advantage of game vulnerabilities—increasing currency, deliberate exploitation of bugs, or any abuse of game flaws in order to gain an advantage.


  • Deceiving others with the purpose of gaining an advantage. For example, attempting to pass oneself off as a game developer, using phishing links, collecting contributions for non-existent tournaments, and other forms of fraud.

  • Theft of accounts, currency, and in-game items, and also causing damage to another player's in-game property.

  • Inappropriate behavior: insults, harassment, inciting ethnic hatred, racism, and other illegal or obscene behavior. This rule affects not only chat but also avatars, nicknames, and clan names.

  • Causing Standoff 2 to malfunction. For example, attacking the game servers, manipulating the app's rating, or automatically creating accounts or reviews.

  • Commercial activity: selling services within the game, selling accounts or in-game currency in exchange for real money, begging, gambling, or placing ads.

These violations spoil the game experience for other users. If your account has already been temporarily banned, then be careful—your next ban might be permanent.

Action prohibition

For certain violations, we restrict access to game functions. This is necessary so that the player can think about their behavior and not commit any further violations.

Here are some of the restrictions that may be applied:

  • A temporary or permanent block of access to the Marketplace. Transactions on the trading platform may be blocked in the event of suspicious actions. For example, if purchases are frequently refunded.

  • A restriction on competitive games. You will not be able to start finding a game if you have voted to have a player kicked too often or have regularly quit matches. The more frequently you commit such violations, the longer the restriction will last.

Any player can report an offender to us. This can be done during a match using the report system. You can also make a complaint to our tech support in the "Help and Support" section of the game or via the website We take great care in monitoring reports, and we respond quickly to complaints.

Users who adhere to all the rules and do not harm or impede other players will never face any restrictions. Being banned by error happens very rarely, and we rectify the situation quickly if such cases arise. If you think you have been banned in error, please visit our support website at

Play fairly and have fun!

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