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Fireborn (0.23.0) – Updates
Fireborn (0.23.0) – Updates
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The fire spreads! Don’t miss Season 5 in Standoff 2.

In this article we introduce you to all the changes and innovations of the 0.23.0 update.

New Locations

The Fireborn is inspired by European fantasy and the Middle Ages aesthetics. Righteous knights, dragons, and mystery demand a special location to convey the atmosphere, so a new map, called Lakeside, was added and the Province got some updates in this season.


Province is a quiet and charming place, lost somewhere in Southern Europe. On the updated map, streets and houses have received some new details, and the castle has been renovated by the best restorers in Italy.

New covers and obstacles have appeared on the map that will bring variety and depth to the gameplay. It means that attacking and protecting the plant will become more dynamic and exciting for both teams.


A picturesque villa situated by the lake in the Alps. Who would have thought that this place would be an attraction to underground criminal activity? The special forces are on their way to prevent the upcoming threats.

The key point of confrontation will be the mansion courtyard. Occupy the heights of balconies and second floor, take cover behind the wine barrels in the warehouse, or fight to control a place nearby the fountain, located in the center of the estate!

The Lakeside map will be available in two game modes: Team Deathmatch and Arms Race.

New characters

The battles are getting more epic than ever! Pick a side and join the fight!

SIG4 is an elite unit, specifically trained to confront armed gangs. Its participants are well-experienced by hotspots and dangerous operations.

The Redhounds are a well-organized crime gang, who are ready to burn everything to the ground. Their dangerous and coordinated tactics make them a formidable opponent.

New Weapons

Molotov cocktail and Thermite

You have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of a new grenade in the game. Season 5 brings a Molotov cocktail for T and the Thermite grenade for CT. These grenades will ignite everything around them upon contact with the surface, dealing intermittent damage.

Since the Molotov cocktail has been long-awaited, we’ll be closely monitoring the game balance to ensure that it does not become an imbalanced weapon and not get used in all situations.

Dual Berettas

The Dual Berettas is a uniquely designed pistol that has a high ammo capacity, rapid fire rate, and good melee damage. This makes it an excellent choice for close-quarters combat. Berettas have high recoil and low accuracy, however, these might be compensated with an affordable price of $400.


The Stiletto is an original Italian weapon created in the best traditions of dagger fighting. Lightweight, stylish, and deadly. For centuries, stilettos have been associated with silent and cold-blooded assassins.

We can't wait to see our players trying out these new weapons and grenades in the game, unleashing their creativity in tactical gameplay. So gear up to take on the challenges!

Season 5

Fireborn Battle Pass

Complete Battle Pass missions and collect incredible gloves, skins, stickers, graffiti, and charms, designed in the style of medieval fantasy.

Several changes have been made to the system: missions became easier, the number of weekly missions got reduced to six, while the number of stars for completing them was increased. So Battle Pass rewards have become more accessible and tracking your progress is now more convenient, since the Battle Pass window transferred to the main screen. Players also will be able to view the progression after the match.

It’s time to collect the stars!


In Season 5, a new type of skins called Pattern has been added to the game. This type of skins will get a random number which changes the texture on the weapon.

These skins are unique, since it will be very difficult to find two identical Patterns.

Ranked games rewards

New Season is coming. It means that it’s time to get your well-deserved rewards.

If you got calibrated last season and earned a rank, you will be rewarded for your achievements with a special charm that will appear in your inventory after you launch the game after the update.

Get ready for glorious victories in the Fireborn Season!

Improvements to Ranked Game Experience

Fair MMR

We understand that some players may have faced unpleasant situations in ranked games due to a significant difference in ranks of opponents. To address this, we have made changes to the team formation system to ensure a fairer matchmaking process.

We have decreased the difference in MMR between players in one match. Now the difference no longer exceeds 450 MMR from the average player in the lobby, compared to the previous limit of 600. Additionally, we have changed the starting rank for new players from Silver 3 to Bronze 4.

We have also fixed several MMR-related bugs to make competitive modes even more comfortable for players.

Faster Games!

We’ve received feedback from our players that Competitive and Clan Battles can take too much time. So we’ve decided to speed them up.

Now Competitive and Clan Battles rounds are reduced to 1 minute and 50 seconds. Additionally, we have added an automatic warm-up switch, when all players have joined the match.

Weapon balance

Working on Season 5, we’ve focused on improving the balance of weapons. Unfortunately, some guns were unpopular due to their characteristics, so we decided to change this to provide more strategic choices to players.

For more details read the full article.

Upgrade of grenade Mechanics

We had been planning to improve the grenade mechanics for a while to make it clearer. Here are the list of changes we have made to this weapon:

  • The distance of close-range throwing grenades was increased, so it will add more tactical opportunities to the game;

  • The size of HE and Flash grenades has been increased by 30% to improve their visibility in flight. It makes it easier to spot your opponent's grenades and avoid unexpected explosions and blindness;

  • The animation of a flying grenade was improved to make it smoother and more realistic. This adds more dynamics to the interaction.

Update of Arcade

Let us introduce the Free-for-All mode, which replaces Arcade. It’s not only about a change of a title but also an entirely new concept. In Free-for-All everyone fights for themselves. Teamwork is no longer necessary. Your own skills are the only thing that matters.

After respawn, you'll be able to see all enemies on the mini-map for a short period of time. We also get rid of the problem of fighters staying alive only for a short period of time. It’s enough only one extended firefight to quickly drain your health and ammunition. In Free-for-All, every time you successfully take down an enemy, you’ll partially restore your health and ammunition. The more you frag, the longer you'll be able to stay alive during the match.

Other key elements of the Arcade mode, such as maps and the number of players remain the same in Free-for-All. Moreover, you’ll get access to all weapons in arsenal. Whether you're looking to practice your skills or have a relaxing match after a tough Competitive, Free-for-All is the perfect mode for endless fun, fights, and uncontrollable chaos.

Informative Radar

Many of you are familiar with the terms “Kitchen”, “Mid”, “Palace” and "Apartments”, common locations on the maps. However, players often use different terminology for the same places, which might lead to confusion among teammates. Newcomers may even be clueless about what others refer to.

To resolve this problem, the mini-map has been redesigned and now provides more information to all players. All map schemes have lost some minor details but each location now has a specific name, which will be displayed on the radar. Also, the mini-map can now adjust to the height level a player stands on. No misunderstanding!

Other changes

– New music has been added, and the main theme has been remastered;

– Escalation mode now offers new combinations of kits, with more weapons and grenades to choose from;

– The player's region, which will have a lowest ping and be best to connect to, can be automatically detected in game settings;

– The new feature of alternative weapon drop with a double-click on the icon has also been introduced. You can enable it in the settings;

– The Scorpion case is no longer available on the shop and now can only be purchased from the Market;

– Minor bugs have been fixed.

We hope that these changes will improve your gaming experience and make every battle more exciting.

Good luck in the season! 🔥

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