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Standoff 2 Cybersport | Season 2024
Standoff 2 Cybersport | Season 2024
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The official Axlebolt tournament series continues in 2024! This year, expect

a few very important changes in both the format of the tournaments and the rules. We continue to make Esports entertaining, engaging, and most importantly — open to everyone interested!

Minor and EPIC

We've made the decision not to host Minor tournaments in 2024. They'll be replaced by EPIC Seasons introduced to viewers and teams in 2023.

The EPIC series tournaments will be equivalent to the Minor ones — they'll be held according to the official rules, and teams will receive ranking points based on their results in the series.

EPIC will fulfill Minor's mission as a tournament designed for young and ambitious teams looking to make a name for themselves. The event will allow you to compete for prize money as well as enter the Tier-1 stage. Everyone will be able to take part in open qualifier games and compete for entry into the EPIC main stage.


The main tournament of the Esports year will remain unchanged. Minors have been cancelled. Because of that, we'll have a lot more time to prepare for the Major. This year, just like in 2023, we're actually planning to hold 2 Majors, where the best teams from Europe and Latin America will face each other.

The tournament will feature teams with the most ESPORTS Points at the end of the year, as well as teams selected based on the results of qualifying matches.

Tournament Rules

We're continuing the work on the rules in the Esports area. The main regulations can be found by following the link: We remind you that both the players and event organizers are bound to follow the rules.

Another major addition will be the return of the disciplinary rules. They're all about the sportsmanship and public behavior of tournament participants. As Standoff 2 Esports grow, so does the responsibility to the audience. Therefore, decent sportsmanship should be an integral part of tournaments. You can learn more about the rules by following the link:

In addition, paragraph 6.6 has been added to the main rules, which prohibits simultaneous membership in two or more teams. This applies to players and team managers alike.

We'll talk about the main change — banning tablets — below.

Any violations of the rules may result in suspending the player, canceling games, or blocking their account.

Transition to Smartphones

Talks about smartphone tournaments have been going on for months now, and that transition will finally happen in the 2024 Esports season. Tablets will no longer be used, and all official league tournaments and partner tournament series will be played on phones. However, the rules of commercial tournaments regarding devices may vary.

The following rules are applied to the devices:

— Any refresh rate with diagonal up to 7 inches,

— Stretching the screen is not allowed,

— "Triggers" (game controllers) are allowed. We've changed our opinion on triggers and now allow to use controllers that don't affect aim and/or movement.

We've made this decision to make Esports more accessible. Yes, it'll take some time to get used to the new devices, but in the future smartphone tournaments will definitely introduce us to new Esports stars.

Changing Esports Points

Last year we introduced the system of Esports points. In short, for each tournament of the official series, a team received a certain number of points depending on the results.

This year we're changing the principle of distributing points within the team. In the past, only the team received points. But now they're shared between the team and the players.

For example, a team earned 100 points at the end of a tournament. 25% of the points go to the team or organization. The remaining 75% is equally divided among the players — each gets 15 points.

This is done to ensure that when players are substituted throughout the year, teams receive a fair amount of points based on the roster. Thus, stronger teams will receive invitations to tournaments.

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