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Rules for interaction with bloggers
Rules for interaction with bloggers
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We're thrilled that you create content for Standoff 2. We appreciate the fresh ideas, creativity, and innovative approach that each blogger brings to the game's community.

Axlebolt Studio is ready to offer you comprehensive support. You can grow your YouTube channel with the backing of the game developers, get gifts for your audience, and much more!


For Standoff 2 content creators, we offer:

Communication: You'll have direct communication with the Standoff 2 developers and community managers. You'll not only receive prompt support but also stay up-to-date with exclusive game news;

Gifts: Authors will receive special promo codes for various in-game items every month, which you can share with your audience. The number of promo codes is determined individually for each blogger;

Gold: Once a month, you can count on a certain amount of in-game currency to spend on creating content. The amount depends on your achievements as a creator and is discussed individually;

Verification: You can obtain a special "checkmark" for your Standoff 2 account. This will significantly boost audience trust and prevent scammers from impersonating you. If the creator has conscientiously followed the collaboration rules for 3 months since the start of the collaboration, they may expect their in-game account to be verified;

Exclusive: Bloggers are the first to receive information about new content and updates in Standoff 2. Furthermore, you'll have the opportunity to access test versions of the game (subject to a non-disclosure agreement).

Who receives studio support

To ensure our collaboration is productive and beneficial, we've established some straightforward criteria for creators. If your channel meets these criteria, we'd be delighted to offer you support:

  • Your channel has more than 10,000 subscribers;

  • 80% of your channel's content is dedicated to Standoff 2;

  • Your most recent video was posted no less than a month ago;

  • You are an honest and fair player, with no violations on your channel. Learn more:;

  • Your channel does not promote questionable services, such as illegal betting, casinos, apps with cases, currency and account sales, and others.

Why these criteria?

The conditions mentioned above are straightforward to meet. By supporting creators, our primary goal is to help their channels grow, expand their audience, and enhance the quality of their videos. However, we cannot support content that poses risks to players. For instance, websites featuring casinos, roulette, hacked accounts, or cheats would obviously do more harm than good to your audience.

Promo Codes

One of the major benefits for bloggers is promo codes. They are intended for distribution or giveaways among your audience. You can regularly gift these items to your viewers without losing anything. There are several rules for distributing and using promo codes:

— The event (giveaway, contest, raffle) must be free of charge;

— The event must be open and accessible. Holding contests for a limited group of people, such as a clan, a closed group, or paid Twitch subscribers, is prohibited;

— The rules and conditions of the event cannot be changed after it begins;

— The contest/giveaway must be fair;

— Rigging results and awarding prizes to a predetermined winner are prohibited;

— Refusing to award a prize to a winner is prohibited;

— Using promo codes on your personal account is prohibited.

General Recommendations and Rules

— When creating content, authors must adhere to the Standoff 2 License Agreement. Studio support does not grant authors exceptions or privileges regarding the Rules of the game. If violations are detected, the game account of the author may be subject to the same sanctions as any other player;

— Follow the general rules of YouTube and other media platforms where you publish your videos: Facebook,Twitter, Discord, and others;

— Treat other bloggers with respect. Be polite in all official communication channels, in interactions with players, and with representatives of Axlebolt Studio and its partners;

— Do not spread fake information, early access exclusives, or personal information of players, other bloggers, or developers;

— We do not restrict freedom of speech. You are allowed to express your own opinion about the game, even if it's negative. We welcome constructive criticism that is not harmful. Negative comments solely for the sake of negativity and excessive outrage are not encouraged;

— It is recommended to adhere to a specific content publication schedule. This doesn't mean you are obligated to strictly follow set deadlines, but your channel should maintain regularity. We may suspend support for authors who do not produce content for several months;

— We understand that avoiding cheaters from your videos can be challenging. However, we urge you not to mention cheaters and scammers in your content, refrain from interviewing them, and avoid promoting this phenomenon;

— We acknowledge that the game has issues and shortcomings. This is a normal occurrence for an online project under active development. We allow showcasing minor in-game errors in your videos, provided they do not have serious negative consequences for the gameplay experience of our users. We would also greatly appreciate it if you could explain the nature of the error and provide us with all the information. This will allow us to expedite the fixing process.

— Authors are prohibited from using their media resources to advertise questionable and/or dishonest services: illegal bookmakers, online casinos, resources for trading in-game items, currency, and accounts, etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are unsure about the appropriateness of a particular video topic, feel free to ask us — we are ready to help!

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