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0.25.0 Sunstrike | Season 6 | Update Overview
0.25.0 Sunstrike | Season 6 | Update Overview
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Introducing Season 6 in Standoff 2 — Sunstrike! This update is infused with the spirit of the Middle East: boundless sands, scorching heat, and the mystique of the desert. Get ready to explore a lost city and arm yourself with a new knife!


A new map for the Defuse, Competitive, and Free-for-all modes. Narrow streets of an Eastern city, a temple complex, a market, and canals — prepare for battles at close and medium range. The map offers plenty of cover and also open spaces.

Hurry to explore Dune to gear up for competitive matches.


Engage in one-on-one battles in the new "Duel" mode! Each round, both players are given the same weapon. Additional conditions can be added during the match, such as headshots only, AWM without scopes, or knife fights. All matches take place on one of three new maps: Temple, Bridge, or Yard. Victory goes to the first to win 8 rounds.


The new Fang knife will be available in the seasonal Battle Pass. The blade resembles a snake's fang and pays homage to classic Eastern weaponry.

Complete tasks and expand your collection! Skins, stickers, graffiti, and charms inspired by the romance of the desert and the myths of the Middle East await you. Among the new skins, you'll find new patterns, as well as the Nameless Collection's Desert Eagle "Aureate".

The Dune map wouldn't be complete without a special set of stickers. Therefore, the Traveller's Bag collection is enriched with six new stickers, designed in the style of the new map.

A total of 20 graffiti pieces await you in the new Flow pack. This diverse set of drawings is an excellent way to express your emotions during the game!

Position Markers

In Season 6, we're introducing a new tool for more effective in-game communication — position markers. Each player can place one of two markers: a standard one and a “danger” marker. They’ll be visible on the screen as well as on the map.

To place a marker, simply tap the map button quickly — it’ll be set in the direction of your crosshair. A single tap sets a standard marker, while a double tap sets a “danger” marker. You can also mark a specific spot by opening the map.

Random Skin Selection

Now you can apply up to five skins to a single weapon simultaneously. If you do this, the weapon's appearance will change every time you purchase it during a match. An excellent way to showcase your collection to everyone!

New Ranked Season

Season 6 is kicking off, which means it's time to reap the rewards! They’ll appear in your inventory if you previously completed calibration in competitive mode.

Weapon Balance Changes

The balance adjustments in Season 6 are aimed at enhancing certain less popular firearms, adding variety in weapon choices for different situations, and fine-tuning the balance for Standoff 2's professional scene.

  • SPAS — reduced damage at long range

  • M60 — decreased recoil and spread

  • MAC10 — reduced recoil, increased spread

  • AKR — headshot kills at long range happen with a single shot (previously required two hits)

  • AWM — minimal spread when firing with a scope while moving. Now it's much more convenient to shoot on the go with the AWM

  • M110 — reduced recoil, decreased spread when firing with a scope while moving

  • M40 — increased reward for kills to $600, improved accuracy when firing without scope while moving

  • G22 — slightly increased damage at long range

  • The damage of all SMGs at range has been increased

Other Changes

  • Now Counter-Terrorist players can pick up defuse kits from fallen teammates;

  • Grenades have been improved. New sounds and effects have been added, along with enhanced physics;

  • The Carnage mode is no longer available. Free-for-all returns to the game;

  • Character redesigns: CT on Sandstone and T on Rust;

  • A support section has been added to the client. You can now ask questions or report violators directly from the game;

  • New soundtrack and improved sound effects;

  • Changes to the system requirements for iPhone and iPad owners. IOS 13 is now the minimum version required to run Standoff 2;

  • Numerous bugs have been fixed.

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