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Cooperation with content creators
Cooperation with content creators
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Standoff 2 content creators play a crucial role in our community. We're excited to have such skilled and versatile authors within the game's community. Each of these bloggers brings fresh and unique ideas to the table, providing entertainment, education, and inspiration to players.

Bloggers hold the trust of their audience, so it's essential to remember the responsibility you have towards your viewers. It's important not to violate the game's rules or encourage your viewers to do so. Such violations can lead to the suspension of your game account, which is a risk that should be avoided.

Regrettably, not all authors prioritize the well-being of their viewers. We find it necessary to enforce certain restrictions (strikes) on videos that cross the line. Below, you'll find a list of reasons why a complaint might be raised against a video or channel:

  1. Videos or live streams that promote or advertise services for selling in-game currency (For example: tg-shops).

  2. Videos showcasing fraudulent services, hacking programs, or advertisements for websites and social media groups related to the sale of accounts, bots, and any form of account boosts in Standoff 2.

  3. Videos that exploit Standoff 2 flaws (bugs) to gain an unfair advantage and negatively impact gameplay.

  4. Videos revealing confidential Standoff 2 game data.

  5. Videos deliberately spreading false information in the name of Axlebolt company/employees.

  6. Videos presenting projects that unlawfully utilize the company's intellectual property (For example: private servers).

These rules serve several important purposes:

  • Ensuring the safety of both bloggers and players.

  • Reducing the prevalence of cheaters and unfair gameplay.

  • Establishing a fair and equitable platform for all bloggers.

  • Combating misinformation and defamation.

  • Safeguarding the company and its employees from malicious activities.

We are engaged in monitoring the evolution of various channels and even extend offers of collaboration to bloggers. It holds significant importance to us that these influencers have a positive impact on the game and its surrounding atmosphere. In return, we're committed to assisting authors in their growth and the enhancement of content quality.

Constructive criticism and suggestions for the enhancement of our game are highly welcomed. These inputs enable us to refine and elevate the game, ultimately leading to an improved experience for all players.

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