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Space Vision: Description of 0.24.0 Update
Space Vision: Description of 0.24.0 Update
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Buckle up, we’re preparing for take-off!

We’re pleased to introduce the summer update 0.24.0 — Space Vision! Get ready to explore the farthest corners of outer space, engage in battles on space stations, and equip yourself with sci-fi gadgets.


Intense battles await you in the depths of space. Test yourself by taking part in Carnage! It’s an incredibly dynamic and action-packed mode that comes in two versions: team-based and single-player. Grab your spacesuit and prepare to fight!

The gameplay of Team Carnage will remind you of the familiar Team Deathmatch, while the single-player mode is similar to Free-for-all. However, Carnage offers a few significant differences.


Engage in combat on the Citadel and Space Station maps. Explore the unknown corners of space ships, achieve new levels but most importantly — keep going!

The brand new maps will be available for both team-based and single-player modes of Carnage.


As you may guess, the Space event dictates certain types of weapons. So this update comes with new firearms:

Railgun. It’s a precise weapon that deals high damage. Annihilate your enemies with powerful shots from this futuristic gun!

Rocket Launcher. Who needs a scope when it’s loaded with missiles? Grab this massive rocket launcher and generate devastating AoE damage!

The Railgun and Rocket Launcher will be exclusively available in the Carnage mode. Along with them, you’ll get the special space versions of the shotgun and submachine gun in the temporary mode, as well as the minigun you might be familiar with from "Mad Santa" and "Zombie Infestation" modes.

You can find the weapons randomly in various locations on the map. Feel free to switch them during combat!


Carnage is a very dynamic mode. To ensure that you are at your best, move around the map and collect the following power-ups:

  • First-aid kit

  • Armor

  • Ammo boxes

In addition to the power-ups scattered across the Space Station and Citadel maps, you'll come across special platforms. When touched, these platforms will launch your character up into the air, allowing you to gain altitude and strategic advantage.

Important note! Carnage will replace the Free-for-all mode during the summer event. But don't worry, Free-for-all will return when the Space Vision event comes to its end.

Gyroscope Integration

Get to know what it’s like to be a spaceship pilot — we’ve added gyroscope support into the game!

Now you can enable the gyroscope in the game settings and use it for aiming. By manipulating your smartphone or tablet, you’re able to aim more precisely. It may take some time and practice to master it, but in the end the gyroscope will undoubtedly enhance your gameplay.

The gyro settings offer flexibility, allowing you to adjust the sensitivity to your preference. You can enable inversion if needed, and choose whether you want the gyro to be active only when scoping or constantly on.

The gyroscope feature is entirely optional, but we recommend you to give it a try!

Fantastic Collection

Complete the missions of new Battle Pass and expand your inventory with space-themed skins, charms, stickers, and graffiti inspired by the captivating world of science fiction.

The main reward will be six knives! Three of them, the Butterfly, Tanto, and Kunai knives, will feature the Glitch pattern.

Victory of the Day

Introducing the Victory of the Day quests. These missions come separately from the ones of Battle Pass and will be updated daily. By completing them, you upgrade faster. Leveling up and earning rewards has never been easier!

Stay tuned as the list of daily missions may expand in the future.

Other updates

As for the other changes, we:

  • Implemented the feature of shell casings flying out of weapons after firing, providing more immersive and atmospheric experience;

  • Adjusted the balance of incendiary grenades (Molotov cocktail and Thermite) by enlarging their range;

  • Added two new filters on the Market section. Now you have the option to search for skins with or without stickers, as well as specify a preferable pattern number;

  • Added new sounds and soundtrack;

  • Fixed minor graphical bugs and visibility issues on the maps;

  • Fixed a significant number of bugs.

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