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Standoff 2 Major #1 | Season 2023
Standoff 2 Major #1 | Season 2023
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General information

Standoff 2 Major by Infinix is the flagship tournament in the official e-Sport series of Axlebolt. This year the Major gets global and invites teams from CIS, Europe and Brazil to participate. During the playoffs, teams will have the opportunity to compete face-to-face in a LAN format.

At its core, the Major continues to be an inclusive tournament and open to anyone who wants to participate. All you need to do is to register for one or more qualifying games.

Prize pool


Qualifications — from June, 2 to June, 4;

Group stage — from June, 6 to June, 11;

Play-off — from June, 20 to June, 22;

Grand final — June 25th.

Live broadcasts of the tournament will start from the group stage and will be streamed on the following channel:

How to participate

Teams are invited to register for one or more qualification rounds. To secure a spot in the tournament, a team must win in a qualifying series.

The group stage of the tournament will showcase the winners of the qualification rounds, along with team RGG who triumphed in Minor #1, team iNCO who emerged victorious in Minor #2, and STREETEIGHT, Saints, and Winstrike Team with the highest season scores in the CIS region.


All teams should read carefully the tournament regulations available at And please note that a new Points system has been introduced this year. Learn more in the article:

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