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Creative Contest Entries and Rules
Creative Contest Entries and Rules

Creative contests

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Hello, fighters!

We hope that you will read the rules below carefully before taking part in any contests. This is necessary so that we can resolve points of dispute and also so that you can understand the contest task better.

General Rules

  • The rules for each individual contest may specify other options for submitting entries. For example, posting the submission on a personal page with a special hashtag (#), sending it to a specific e-mail address, or submitting it through the tech support site.

  • The contest deadlines are specified in the announcement. If the exact time of submission is not specified, the entirety of the deadline date is implied. For example, "April 2" means that submissions are accepted until 23:59 UTC+3 on April 2.

  • When you're working on your entry, there's no limit to your imagination and creativity, as long as a specific contest theme isn't announced. For instance, if the task for a contest is to create a concept of a skin for the AKR12, then participants should stick to that remit.

  • If a contest has several categories, entrants can participate in all of them. However, one participant can only win one category.

  • Every participant has the right to enter an unlimited number of submissions, unless the number is not explicitly specified in the contest requirements.

  • Submissions must not violate the laws of the entrant's country of residence or the general rules of the platform on which the contest is held: our VK group, the Discord server, or any other platform.

  • By uploading your submission, you agree that it may be used by the administration for marketing, advertising, or other purposes.

  • You are permitted to use the game assets available at in your artworks. By using these assets, you agree to comply with the Axlebolt license, which can be found in the folder that contains the assets themselves.

  • If you wish to use materials from third-party sources, including textures, in your work, make sure that the content is provided under an open (free) license.

  • Participants are allowed to submit co-authored contest entries. If a submission of this type wins, the prize won't be doubled and will be given to the participant who submitted the original work.

Art Contests

  • The final image should be at least 1,000 pixels wide. For very large images, please use thumbnails or links to the original.

  • Your artwork can be done on paper or canvas, using a graphics tablet or any other media or tools. First and foremost, we evaluate the overall quality of the image, its ideas, and the level of detail.

  • The final image should include the up-to-date game logo, the author's signature, and the date the work was created. It must not contain any watermarks.

  • Along with their contest entry, participants must attach several (2–5) screenshots or photographs of the creation process in order to confirm authorship. If you publish your entry in the VK album, attach your proof of authorship in the comments. On Discord, please add the images along with the final work.

  • Only original artistic submissions dedicated to Standoff 2 that were created specifically for the relevant contest are accepted. Images that are published before the contest is announced will not be accepted.

Possible contest sections include:

  • Traditional art. A composition made by hand on paper or canvas using traditional materials such as paint (watercolor, oil, gouache, acrylic, etc.), pencils, etc.

  • Digital art. A composition created in any 2D or 3D software, in a game engine, or using any other graphics editor or program.

  • Art. A collective term which includes paintings, drawings, and compositions created in any way the artists prefers, using traditional media or 2D/3D software.

  • Collage. A composition created on the basis of materials from Standoff 2 (images, scenes, screenshots, or models) or from any other official sources that are considered the intellectual property of AXLEBOLT LTD.

Photo Contests

  • The permitted entry format is as follows: photos at least 1,000 pixels wide. The details in the photo must be clearly visible.

  • The image must not contain post-processing (filters and effects) unless it is allowed in the conditions of the contest.

  • Only original works related to the theme of the contest are allowed.

  • The author may be present in the photo of the contest entry, unless otherwise specified in the rules.

Video Contests

  • The permitted entry format is as follows: a video that has been uploaded to YouTube or TikTok with the obligatory contest hashtag (#) in the title (for YouTube submissions) or in the description (for TikTok submissions).

  • It is recommended that the video should not exceed 90 seconds in length. Try to stick to the recommendation if no other time limits are specified in the contest announcement.

  • Only original videos dedicated to Standoff 2 that were created specifically for the particular contest are accepted. The final clip should contain the up-to-date game logo.

  • Participants must be willing to provide screenshots or photos of the creation process to confirm authorship.

  • Works based on scenes built in the game engine are accepted as long as that does not contravene the contest task. For example, "create a story clip (machinima)."

For fragmovie contests, only entries that include gameplay from the current version of the game are permitted. Post-processing and effects are welcomed. However, they should not take up more than 20% of the total video duration.

The contest entry must not contain:

  • An audio track that contains profanity;

  • Advertising of services selling game currency;

  • Demonstration of fraudulent services, hacking programs, advertising sites and social networking groups related to the sale of accounts, bots, and rank boosts in Standoff 2;

  • Demonstration of projects that illegally use the company's intellectual property (For example: private servers).

  • The participant should be ready to provide screenshots from YouTube creative studio or TikTok account to confirm the authorship of the work. They will also need to provide additional materials if they are required by the administration.


We will contact contest winners within a few business days via direct messages from our official groups. If you're a winner, you can contact us yourself via the tech support site.

Make sure that you can receive messages from our community. To do so, send a direct message to the community or subscribe to the newsletter. If you are posting your work on any platform other than the VK social network, make sure that your profile is not private

The official administration of the Standoff 2 community will not require any additional payment from the winner in order for them to receive their prize.

If you are the winner of a contest and you have won a physical prize, please bear in mind that it may take more than one month to be delivered.

If it is impossible for a physical prize to be sent to the winner, then they will be compensated with funds of a similar value to the prize amount.

If the prize is monetary, then the payment will be made at the current exchange rate on the day of the transfer. The payment process can take up to three months.

The winner can get any prize in the form of in-game currency. If the prize is provided by our partners or sponsors, it cannot be replaced with cash funds or in-game Gold.

The winner may claim the prize within 183 days of the announcement of the results.

Time to get your creative juices flowing!

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