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Standoff 2 Esports Global Rules
Standoff 2 Esports Global Rules
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Esports Rules


Version dated 25 January 2023


"Alternative Account (Alt, Twink)" means a Participant's secondary account created in the Game.

"In-game Objects" means virtual objects in Games by AXLEBOLT LTD, including packs of items, in-game currency, weapons, etc., with the right to use them granted to Participants while using the Games.

"Game/Games" means downloadable software in the form of games developed and/or published by AXLEBOLT LTD, including Standoff 2 game for mobile devices on Android and iOS operating systems.

"Team Captain" means a Participant that is an official leader among Participants on the same Team and that represents the Team's interests before third parties.

"Team" means a group of Participants that are interested in achieving a successful result in the Tournament through the efforts of each Participant and that have formed a stable team to attain the said goals. The Team may have its own name and logos.

"Clan Leader" means a key person on the Tournament Team that is responsible for the selection of members and organization within a particular clan. The Clan Leader is fully responsible for the Team on behalf of the clan throughout the Tournament. The same person may act as both a Team Captain and Clan Leader.

"Tournament Organizer" means an individual or a legal entity that acts as an initiator or authorized person who is responsible for the arrangement of the Tournament.

"Right Holder (AXLEBOLT LTD)" means AXLEBOLT LTD (Cyprus), a company that grants limited rights to use the Game during the Tournament.

"Prize" means property or proprietary right that the Teammates can gain if they achieve the result with due regard to the Game features, the Studio Rules, and the Tournament Rules during the Tournament, and provided that the Studio Rules and the Tournament Rules are observed. The Prize can also include In-game Objects added to an in-game account for winning Teammates.

"Studio Rules" means these Esports Rules developed by the Right Holder for Tournament Organizers and treated as an official code of rules and procedures for an esports event associated with the Games by AXLEBOLT LTD. These Studio Rules set out the basic provisions relating to record management, as well as internal and external situations that pertain to the Tournament. The Studio Rules mean a public agreement, conditions of which are fully accepted by the Tournament Organizer.

"Tournament Rules" means a document to be developed by the Tournament Organizer for any particular Tournament. Tournament Rules include a code of fundamental rules that regulate the holding, organization, and coverage of the Tournament.

"Sponsor" means an individual or a legal entity that finances the Tournament.

"Judge" means a representative of the Tournament Organizer who is responsible for the holding of matches between Participants and makes sure that the Tournament Rules and the Studio Rules are observed during the Tournament.

"Tournament" means an esports event relating to AXLEBOLT LTD Games that is held either face-to-face or remotely by the Tournament Organizer pursuant to the Studio Rules and the Tournament Rules.

"Teammate" means a player who has registered to participate in the Tournament as part of the Team and who has been approved by the Tournament Organizer.

"Participant" means a player willing to take part in the Tournament.


1.1. These Studio Rules that set out the rules of holding and taking part in the Tournaments, as well as rules of conduct for Participants throughout the Tournaments, apply to all Tournaments in respect of Standoff 2 game where the Right Holder does not act as the Tournament Organizer directly.

1.2. By arranging the Tournaments, making preparations for the Tournaments, or holding the Tournaments, the Tournament Organizer agrees to the Studio Rules. The Tournament Rules must fully meet the requirements contained in the Studio Rules.

1.3. By taking part in the Tournaments (by way of registration or by otherwise expressing their will to take part in the Tournament), each Participant agrees to the Studio Rules and the Tournament Rules.

1.4. Only Teammates who have reached the age of 14 (or over if so required by the applicable laws) can take part in the Tournaments. If the Participant has not reached the age of 18 or other age of majority pursuant to the applicable laws, it is a minor's legal representative who undertakes to read the Studio Rules and the Tournament Rules and to accept the conditions. By giving the Tournament Organizer or AXLEBOLT LTD consent for the participation of the Participant who hasn't reached the age of majority in the Tournament, the minor's legal representative confirms that they have read and understood the conditions, accept the conditions, and allow the Participant who hasn't reached the age of majority to participate in the Tournament. The legal representative of the Participant who is a minor undertakes to make sure that the Studio Rules and the Tournament Rules are observed by such Participant, and is responsible for such Participant's actions during the Tournament. It is the Tournament Organizer that undertakes to ensure that consent from minors' legal representatives is obtained.

1.5. AXLEBOLT LTD reserves the right to change the Studio Rules at any time. By observing or by continuing to observe the conditions to accept the Studio Rules as contained in clauses 1.2 and 1.3, the Participant and the Tournament Organizer agree to the updated version of the Studio Rules.


2.1. Each Participant, Tournament Organizer, Judge, and their representatives undertake to fully abide by the User Agreement and the Privacy Policy of AXLEBOLT LTD.

2.2. The Studio Rules complement but do not replace the User Agreement of AXLEBOLT LTD.

2.3. Once the Studio Rules are approved, the Tournament Organizer is granted a revocable, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to use the Games in the territory of the country where the Tournament is played, for as long as the Tournament is played, and for the purpose of the Tournament, and pursuant to the features approved by AXLEBOLT LTD.


3.1. Any Tournament Organizer willing to get support from AXLEBOLT LTD in order for the Tournament to be arranged must prove that the Tournament Organizer will be able to ensure that the project is created at an adequate level, with the following criteria to be met:

  • The Tournament Organizer must have experience in successfully holding tournaments (at least three) in any esports field. The said data must be supported by appropriate reports.

  • In the last 6 months, the Tournament Organizer must have at least 10 broadcasts of esports events viewed by at least 1,000 people.

  • Tournament Organizers must have a well-thought-out plan to deal with cheaters, swindlers, and inadequate persons throughout the Tournament.

3.2. Provided that the foregoing criteria are met, the Tournament Organizer submits an application for the Tournament with reference to information on the format, date, amount of funding, and requested support to AXLEBOLT LTD (may be sent in any form). Tournament organization activities can start only after approval from AXLEBOLT LTD is received (may be sent in any form).

3.3. Should the Tournament Organizer fail to discharge their obligations in a timely manner or to duly discharge their obligations, or should fraud or attempted fraud be found, AXLEBOLT LTD may exclude the Tournament Organizer from the list of authorized organizers and deprive such Tournament Organizer of the opportunity of getting support from AXLEBOLT LTD in the future.


4.1. The Tournament Organizer undertakes to:

  • 4.1.1. Make sure that Participants/Participants' legal representatives have read and understood the Studio Rules and the Tournament Rules, irrespective of whether Participants/Participants' legal representatives have read and understood the said documents prior to contacting the Tournament Organizer directly.

    4.1.2. Duly ensure that the Studio Rules and the Tournament Rules are observed by Participants.

    4.1.3. Check Participants and allow them to take part in the Tournaments pursuant to the anti-cheat rules.

    4.1.4. Use sanctions against Participants who are in breach of the rules pursuant to the Studio Rules and the Tournament Rules.

    4.1.5. Make a final decision in disputes that can arise throughout the Tournament and that were not resolved by the Judge.

    4.1.6. Carry out age checks of Participants by requiring them to produce their original or duly certified ID that shows their date of birth, require Participants who have not reached the age of majority to produce the appropriate written consent from legal representatives, and collect such consent from Participants. For failure to discharge obligations envisaged by the Studio Rules, including but not limited to the provisions that regulate age checks of Participants and the obtaining of consent from the legal representative, the Tournament Organizer can be held liable pursuant to these Rules.

    4.1.7. Refrain from allowing Participants who have not reached the age of majority and who failed to provide the written consent from legal representatives to participate in Tournaments, and make every effort to prevent such Participants from taking part in Tournaments.

    4.1.8. Require Participants/Participants' legal representatives to provide the written consent to personal data processing, granting the right to carry out the cross-border transfer in favor of AXLEBOLT LTD, with all details contained therein pursuant to the applicable laws, and collect the said consent from Participants/Participants' legal representatives.

    4.1.9. Require the Team Captain / Clan Leader to provide assurance of obtaining consent from other Teammates in order for the Team Captain / Clan Leader to obtain the Prize for all Teammates and to subsequently allocate the Prize to all Teammates, and collect the foregoing from the Team Captain / Clan Leader.

    4.1.10. Establish the identity of a Prize winner and exercise due diligence in communicating with Participants, Clan Leader, and any other persons if such establishment relates to or is associated with the Tournament.

    4.1.11. Act as a tax agent of Tournament Participants and the Clan Leader when the Prize is awarded to the extent permitted by the applicable laws. The Tournament Organizer also pays all expenses associated with the discharge of Participants' tax liabilities to the government and pays for the transportation of product prizes to Tournament winners. The Tournament Organizer does not act as a tax agent (to the extent permitted by the applicable laws) when the Prize is obtained by a Tournament winner from AXLEBOLT LTD directly. The Tournament Organizer shall notify the Tournament winner of liability to pay a personal income tax pursuant to the laws of the country of tax residence of the Tournament winner.

    4.1.12. Ensure that the Prize includes the amount of money that, following the Tournament, will be transferred to the state budget (provided that such tax is envisaged by the applicable laws) by the Tournament Organizer acting as a tax agent of the Participant/Clan Leader so that the Participant/Clan Leader will not have to pay the tax to the state budget. To this effect, the Tournament Organizer undertakes to make sure that the Tournament Rules set out the condition stating that the Tournament Organizer is a tax agent for individuals that take part in the Tournament.

    4.1.13. Timely reply to requests from banking institutions and government authorities when the Prize is awarded.

    4.1.14. Award the Prize to the Tournament winner in good faith pursuant to the Studio Rules and the Tournament Rules, act in good faith as between Participants and AXLEBOLT LTD. The Tournament winner shall be awarded the Prize not later than 90 days from the date when the Tournament winner provides such information as is necessary in order for the Prize to be awarded.

    • Payment of fees to other persons that perform work (provide services) when arranging and holding the Tournament shall be made not later than 90 days from the date of providing information that is necessary to pay fees.

    4.1.15. Approve the list of sites with AXLEBOLT LTD in advance in order to cover the Tournament (broadcast).

    4.1.16. Within 30 days after the Tournament, the organizer undertakes to: (1) fully analyze the work performed by the organizer, (2) give feedback on issues that arose throughout the Tournament, (3) state how such issues can be resolved, and (4) provide AXLEBOLT LTD with a report pursuant to the template.

    4.1.17. Within 90 days after the Tournament, provide AXLEBOLT LTD with a report on the payment/transfer of Prizes to Tournament Participants.

    4.1.18. Comply with the requirements of the applicable laws and other rules when holding official competitions.

    4.1.19. Comply with the regulations of the applicable laws.

4.2. The Tournament Organizer is entitled to:

  • 4.2.1. Use sanctions (including disciplinary actions) and issue warnings in respect of Participants, Judges, Clan Leaders, and the Team Captain pursuant to the Studio Rules and the Tournament Rules.

    4.2.2. Prevent persons who fail to meet the requirements contained in the Studio Rules, the Tournament Rules, and the applicable laws from taking part in the Tournament.

    4.2.3. Contact AXLEBOLT LTD to get support to the extent allowed by the Studio Rules. Support for Tournament Organizers is provided at the discretion of AXLEBOLT LTD.

    4.2.4. Cause Judges to take any actions envisaged by the Tournament Rules and aimed at detecting violations.

    4.2.5. Set conditions for the broadcast or refuse to allow the Participants and/or third parties to broadcast the Tournaments.

    4.2.6 Discharge obligations to award the Prize in the event of failure to discharge such obligations by the Sponsor.

    4.2.7. In the event of any delay in paying the Prize for good reason, the Tournament Organizer may, with the written consent of AXLEBOLT LTD, notify the Teams of delays by attaching a copy of the Sponsor's letter of guarantee setting out information on a new time frame for paying a cash prize, however, not later than 60 business days after the initial time frame for making a payment is expired.


5.1. The maximum number of rounds played on the map is 19.

5.2. The competitive pool of cards used in the tournament is determined by AXLEBOLT LTD before the start of the tournament.

5.3. The order of selection of peaks and bans by teams is determined randomly, for example, by drawing lots.

5.4. The bo1 series mappul is formed by alternately removing three cards by each Participant of the match.

5.4.1 The last card will be played the remaining card, which was not chosen by any of the teams.

5.5. The Mappul of the bo3 series is formed by alternately removing one card by each Participant of the match, then alternately choosing one card for the battle by each side, then alternately removing one card by each Participant of the match, and then alternately choosing one card by each side for the battle.

5.5.1 The last card will be played the remaining card, which was not chosen by any of the teams.

5.6. The Mappul of the bo5 series is formed by alternately removing one card by each Participant of the match, and then alternately choosing two cards for the battle by each side from the remaining ones.

5.6.1. The last card will be played the remaining card, which was not chosen by any of the teams.

5.7. All matches will be held with the use of the latest version of Standoff 2 game. Each Participant undertakes to have the most up-to-date version of the Game from the official application store.

5.7.1. If the Game content is updated during the Tournament, players are not allowed to update the game until the updates are released on all operating systems.


6.1. No persons acting as employees of the Tournament Organizer are allowed to take part in the Tournament as Participants.

6.2. Each Participant undertakes to fully complete their profile on the Tournament platform used by organizers or to provide all necessary personal information (including passport details) in any other form.

  • 6.2.1. At the same time, when completing the profile / providing information, Participants undertake to add their in-game ID, the name of the clan that a player will form part of throughout the Tournament, their nickname (player's text-based game ID), and a link to their page on VKontakte or Facebook.

    6.2.2. Participants (or their legal representatives) undertake to give AXLEBOLT LTD consent to collection and processing of their personal data during preparations for the Tournaments.

6.3. The Team Captain shall also provide additional information on their Team and clan: clan profiles on all internet resources, Clan Leader's full name and contact details.

6.4. If so requested by AXLEBOLT LTD, a copy of documents setting out information about the Team Captain, Clan Leader, and Participants must be provided so as to ensure that the game is fair throughout the Tournament and future Tournaments, and to ensure that the Prize can be awarded to winners if such Prize is awarded by AXLEBOLT LTD directly.

6.5. The game is played by two Teams of 5 key players and of up to 2 stand-ins. A list of Teammates must be submitted to the Tournament Organizers within the time frame that was approved for registration.

6.6. No Teammate that is treated as a key player or a stand-in may form part of any other Team that takes part in the Tournament.

6.7. No list of Teammates may be changed throughout the Tournament, unless otherwise envisaged by the Tournament Rules.

6.8. No Participants can be substituted throughout the Tournament save for the circumstances that objectively prevent the Participant from taking part in the Tournament, which is supported by documents (illness, difficult family circumstances, and other circumstances, provided that the appropriate letter or written notice from legal representatives is provided).

6.9. The list of Participants taking part in the Tournament is the same as that submitted by the Team at the time of registration.

  • 6.9.1. If more than half of the Participants cease to form part of the Team participating in the Tournament, which makes it impossible for the Team to continue taking part in the Tournament, the organizer is entitled to disqualify the Team.


7.1. Winning Teammates whose Team is announced pursuant to the Studio Rules and the Tournament Rules may obtain a Prize if such Prize can be awarded in accordance with the Tournament Rules.

7.2. If the Prize is awarded to the Teammate by AXLEBOLT LTD directly, the Tournament Organizer does not act as a tax agent.

7.3. AXLEBOLT LTD, Tournament Organizer, may refuse the Participant, Team Captain, or Clan Leader the Prize if, according to AXLEBOLT LTD, Tournament Organizer, they were in breach of or attempted to breach the Studio Rules or the Tournament Rules through cheat, deception, hacking, threats, bullying, or other unfair practices in respect of AXLEBOLT LTD, Tournament Organizer, or other Participants and Clan Leaders.

7.4. Prizes are awarded as they are without any guarantees. No right to obtain the Prize can be transferred to any other person. Prizes that are not treated as money cannot be exchanged for money. No Participants are entitled to compensation if the actual value of the Prize at the time when it is awarded is not the same as the initial market value. A winning Participant is not entitled to change the Prize, however, AXLEBOLT LTD, if there are reasonable grounds, may (but is not under obligation) change the Prize for the Prize of equal or greater value.


8.1. Tournament Participants are not allowed to:

  • 8.1.1. Provide or attempt to provide AXLEBOLT LTD or the Tournament Organizer with false information on their age, give or attempt to give AXLEBOLT LTD or the Tournament Organizer invalid consent from a legal representative.

    8.1.2. If the Game version is updated on any of the operating systems, download a new version of the Game unless the updated version is released on all operating systems.

    8.1.3. Take part in the Tournament by using devices with the so-called "root rights" or "jailbreak."

    8.1.4. Take part in the match by using emulators and additional devices (triggers, joysticks, mobile keyboards, and mouse devices).

    8.1.5. Use Alternative Accounts. During any particular Tournament, each Participant may take one seat only and use one account only. Participants that take part in the Tournament are not allowed to take additional seats by using Alternative Accounts.

    8.1.6. Use accounts or Game IDs of other players.

    8.1.7. Teams may not simultaneously take part in more than one Tournament arranged with the support of AXLEBOLT LTD.

8.2. Should it be found that restrictions envisaged by these Rules are broken, the Team will be disqualified in full.


9.1. The following actions are strictly prohibited and may result in the Team or their Participants being disqualified, and may result in cooperation with the Tournament Organizer being terminated:

  • Using bugs.

  • Playing with scripts.

  • Moving through walls, a floor, and a roof (in the Game). No walking along the sky (in the Game) is allowed (no moving through the texture is allowed).

  • Using any hardware or external software that is not allowed by the Game publisher and that can give the Participant or Team an unfair advantage, which is treated as fraud.

  • Insults and violations of other Participants' rights.

  • Demonstrating advertising, erotic, pornographic, or other materials prohibited by the laws during the broadcasting of the Tournament or its Participants on social media platforms of the Teams/Participants/Team Captain or Tournament Organizer.

  • Using offensive language.

  • Commenting, picketing, and other unauthorized actions aimed at publicly expressing their political views and preferences.

  • Humiliating and insulting (by any means) Participants, other players, the Tournament Organizer, and/or other persons whether or not they attend the Tournament.

  • Activities not allowed by AXLEBOLT LTD, which activities consist in the right to use In-game Objects of the Game being granted for a fee.

  • Disseminating any information whose authenticity is not confirmed by government authorities, and information associated with marketing and selling activities (the so-called "trade").

  • Disseminating any information that relates to the activities of AXLEBOLT LTD, its subsidiaries and affiliates, its employees, contractors, founders, directors, and their family members.

  • Distributing content that violates the exclusive rights of AXLEBOLT LTD, including by demonstrating technical ways of avoiding Game protection mechanisms, gaining illegal advantages when using the Game ("cheats"), demonstrating the technical vulnerability of the product ("bugs"), and other activities not approved by AXLEBOLT LTD in respect of the Game. Violations envisaged by Section 8 of the Studio Rules.

  • Violations envisaged by the User Agreement for the Game.

9.2. The Participant and/or the Team can be disqualified if so decided by the Tournament Organizer for the actions as follows:

  • Refusal to follow the Judge's instructions.

  • Raising objections when Participants or the Judge request that the Tournament Rules be complied with.

  • Insulting competitors, Teammates, other Participants, Judges, commentators, and other persons on the grounds of race.

  • Unsporting conduct, sabotage of matches.

  • Participation of players that are not members of the Team.

  • Playing for 2 and more Teams at the same time.

  • Transferring their account to some other Participant.

Teams and persons that are included in the blacklist cannot take part in the Tournaments. The Participant that broke the rules is included in the Tournament ban list, and their Team is issued with a warning. Should the Team be issued with 3 warnings, they will be included in the ban list. No Team can be excluded from the ban list unless approved by AXLEBOLT LTD.

Types of disciplinary punishment:

Type of punishment

Type of violation

Ban on participating in the Tournaments for a term of at least 1 month. The period for which a punishment is imposed is conditional upon the severity of the breach.

Violations covered by clause 9.2. of the Rules

Ban on participating in the Tournaments for an unlimited term, without any rehabilitation.

Violations covered by clauses 8.1., 9.1. of the Rules


10.1. Participants and Teams may notify the Tournament Organizer of any violation of rules as committed by Participants. Within 24 hours after the alleged violation, the Participant or the Team representative may lodge a complaint, and the Tournament Organizer undertakes to consider such a complaint.

10.2. Should the Team lodge a complaint after the said 24 hours, such a complaint will be considered in such manner as the Tournament Organizer may think fit.

10.3. Any disputes etc. not covered by the Studio Rules shall be resolved in such manner as the Judge may think fit, and they constitute a precedent for the Tournament.

10.4. It is the Tournament Organizer who takes the final decision in the event of disputes during the Tournament.


11.1. Should the list of Teammates be other than that registered, the Team will get a technical defeat.

11.2. All Team members undertake to arrive at the Tournament venue before the Tournament starts. If the Team is more than 10 minutes late, it will get a technical defeat.

11.3. Using the Game bugs etc. that make it possible to gain an unreasonable advantage during the Tournament may result in a technical defeat for the Team and Participants. Should a new bug be found by the Team, they undertake to advise the Judge thereof and refrain from subsequently using it in its matches.


12.1. Tournament Organizers, Participants, Clan Leaders, and other persons are not allowed to use intellectual property items (trademarks, the name, industrial designs, etc.) owned by AXLEBOLT LTD without the prior consent of AXLEBOLT LTD beyond the rights granted pursuant to the User Agreement and the Studio Rules.

12.2. All Participants, Teams, and Clan Leaders agree that the Tournament Organizer and AXLEBOLT LTD may use any work arising during the Tournament, including in connection with or as a result of any creative activity of Participants, Clan Leaders, the registered gameplay created by them, names of characters and accounts created by Participants (nicknames) based on a royalty-free, irrevocable, non-exclusive license all over the world for information, PR, and other marketing purposes.

12.3. All Participants, Teams, and Clan Leaders agree that the Tournament Organizer and AXLEBOLT LTD may use, on a continuing basis, trademarks and service marks owned by them all over the world for information, PR, and other marketing purposes.


13.1. The Tournament is covered on different sites approved by the Tournament Organizer and pursuant to the Studio Rules. The Tournaments are covered on such sites as are approved by AXLEBOLT LTD in advance.

13.2. All Teams and Participants that take part in the Tournament agree that the Tournament will be broadcast in any form.


14.1. Teams, Participants, and Clan Leaders must fully observe the Studio Rules and the Tournament Rules.

14.2. If technical defeats exceed 50% of the total number of games during the Tournament, the Tournament results are held invalid and AXLEBOLT LTD provides no support.

14.3. Should the Participant or Clan be willing to put forward any proposals to make improvements, such proposals can be communicated to the Tournament Organizers. Information should only be provided on an individual basis by using the contact details posted by the Tournament Organizer.


15.1. Tournament Organizers, Participants, and Teams are not allowed to bring in Sponsors whose activities are associated with the production and sale of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, pornography, or any other activities aimed at persons of majority age.


16.1. In order to provide support for the Tournament, AXLEBOLT LTD may:

  • 16.1.1. Provide support for the broadcasting.

    16.1.2. Provide the Tournament prize fund via In-game Objects and promo codes (if it is not inconsistent with agreements with the Tournament Organizer).

    16.1.3. Add links to information on the Tournament and Tournament Organizer on the Discord server and VKontakte community page.

    16.1.4. Ensure broadcasting on their YouTube channel and VKontakte community page.

    16.1.5. Advise Tournament Organizers of upcoming updates of the Standoff 2 client so as to avoid any problems relating to matches.

    16.1.6. Assist in the solution to critical technical problems that make it impossible to hold the Tournament.

    16.1.7. Provide materials for the studio design, broadcasting, and marketing materials.

    16.1.8. Advising and supporting the key stages of the Tournament.

    16.1.9. Provide the current ban list.


17.1. Except where the appropriate prior consent is obtained, no confidential information provided by the Tournament Organizer and/or AXLEBOLT LTD, or by its business units, or subsidiaries by any means of communication may be disclosed by Participants to third parties if such disclosure relates to the Tournament, AXLEBOLT LTD, its business units, or subsidiaries.


18.1. To the fullest extent allowed by the applicable laws, Participants or their legal representatives agree to:

  • 18.1.1. Waive any claims in respect of AXLEBOLT LTD and the Tournament Organizer if the Studio Rules and the Tournament Rules are duly observed.

    18.1.2. Release AXLEBOLT LTD and the Tournament Organizer from any liabilities (losses or damage) in connection with the obtaining and using of the Prize.

18.2. AXLEBOLT LTD shall not be liable for:

  • 18.2.1. Damage to equipment, connection fault, packet loss, delays, errors in data transmission, or loss of information as a result of unauthorized access to it.

    18.2.2. Any harm, losses, or damage resulting from the Prize being received, owned, used, or disposed of or in connection with participation in the Tournament.

    18.2.3. Any typographic, technical, and other errors in any materials that relate to the Tournament.

18.3. AXLEBOLT LTD may at its discretion refuse support for the Tournaments and may revoke the license to use the Game.

The Privacy Policy of AXLEBOLT LTD sets out information on how AXLEBOLT LTD collects and uses players' personal data.

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