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Standoff 2 ESPORTS 2023
Standoff 2 ESPORTS 2023

Standoff 2 Cybersport

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Standoff 2 Esports | Season 2023

The official Axlebolt tournament series continues in 2023! This year, we can expect even more exciting events on the professional scene. We're keeping esports exciting, interesting, and most importantly, open to everyone.

Just like last year, we can expect several Minor and Major tournaments. Each series has its own specific goals:


Tier-2 tournament designed for young and ambitious teams who want to make themselves known. The event will allow you to compete for the prize fund, as well as for participation on the Tier-1 stage. Everyone can take part in the qualification and compete for entry to the Minor.

8 teams will take part in the tournament for Latin American countries: 4 invited teams (Wild card) and 4 winning teams of the qualifying games.

12 teams will take part in the tournament for Eastern European countries: 4 invited teams (Wild Card) and 8 winning teams of the qualification games.


Tier-1 tournament. The scale and prize money are getting much bigger, and the teams are stronger. Major winners will receive much more points at the end of the tournament (details below).

8 teams will take part in the tournament: 6 teams (5 from Eastern Europe and 1 from Latin America) with the highest number of ESPORTS Points based on the results of Minor tournaments and 2 teams selected based on the results of qualifying matches.

Game settings

All the games will be played using settings:

ESPORTS Points System

In the new competitive season, we are introducing a new system for teams: ESPORTS Points. In this article, we will explain how the points will work, why they are needed, and how teams can earn them.

What are Points

ESPORTS Points are points that teams will be able to earn starting from the 2023 esports season. These points will allow teams to be invited directly in Tier-1 tournaments.

All Major events and the Main Event are considered Tier-1 tournaments.

How to earn ESPORTS Points

Teams earn ESPORTS Points by participating and taking prize-winning places in a series of official Axlebolt tournaments.

The amount of points received depends on the level of the tournament (Tier-1 or Tier-2) and the place that the team takes at the end of the tournament.

It is important: ESPORTS Points are not awarded for participation/winning at the Main Event. Points are also not awarded for events that are not part of the official Axlebolt tournament series (e.g. Masters Way, Student RESL tournament, show matches, etc.).

ESPORTS Points are accumulated throughout the entire tournament year. Points are annulled for all teams on December 31st of each year.

Substitutions and Penalties

Each team is allowed two substitutions per event in the Axlebolt tournament series. Any subsequent substitutions after the second will result in penalties:

  • If the substitution was made before or during the game, the team will automatically lose the match;

  • At the end of the tournament, the team will receive 40% fewer ESPORTS Points.

  • If the substitution was not made due to unavoidable circumstances, the organizers have the right to prohibit a third substitution between games (e.g. between the semi-final and final) or during a match.

Teams will lose 30% of their previously earned ESPORTS Points for substituting players between tournaments within one season: between the first and second Minor and between the second Minor and Major. The remaining points are rounded down.

Teams will lose 20% of previously earned ESPORTS Points for substituting players in the second off-season: between Season 2 and the Main Event. The remaining points are rounded down.

If a team is sold to another owner, all of its ESPORTS Points will be automatically nullified and the team will lose its position in the overall ESPORTS Points standings.

The current position of the teams in the ESPORTS Points standings

Eastern Europe Region

Latin America region

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