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Update Legends (0.20.0) Description
Update Legends (0.20.0) Description

New legend begins here. Season 4 is already available in Standoff 2!

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In this article, you’ll learn more details about the changes and innovations of update 0.20.0 and what else awaits you ahead.

All aboard!

We're going where the breeze blows

Season 4 was inspired by Ancient Greece, by its mythology, architecture and cities. The city of Tyre, which stands on the shore of the namesake island of, had a great influence on us. And so maps Breeze and Calypso were born.


A quiet seashore town, once full of tourists, has become the target of an audacious attack of Pirates.

Its narrow streets, intertwined tightly to each other, will make you constantly aware. The defined architecture of the town, however, comes in hand – a camouflage is useless on the background of these white walls.

Breeze is available in all modes with a bomb and large maps.


Calypso is the name of a nymph from ancient Greek mythology, as well as the name of the yacht where the events of Season 4 unfold.

Battles take place on the upper deck of the yacht. Teams also have access to two symmetrically located towers, and a helipad between them could be an excellent shelter from snipers.

Calypso is available for all modes based on “Team Deathmatch”.

New Legend

The S.A.U.G. group versus the Pirates. Who will win and get their names inked in history?

S.A.U.G. is a paramilitary unit. Its main task is to fight against terrorism. They are well-trained to conduct offensive operations.

The Pirates are ferocious thugs, who arrived on Breeze driven by greed. Smart, cunning, not married.

New factions are available on the Breeze and Calypso maps!

New equipment


Legends (0.20.0) – Описание обновления, изображение №21

A powerful pump-action shotgun that demolishes everything that stands in the way. His monstrous damage can play a crucial role in defense. But you will have to pay a high price in spread on a run(compared to other shotguns).


Legends (0.20.0) – Описание обновления, изображение №22

Compact submachine gun with a silencer. An essential tool for stealthy play in the early stages of the match.


Legends (0.20.0) – Описание обновления, изображение №23

A knife with a sharpening along its inner edge with a defined shape of a "falcon wing". Some has assumptions, this knife comes from a Greek weapon called "Kopis".

Weekly modes based on Custom lobbies

This season we decided to distance from the formula of special modes related to the seasonal events and try something more interactive and interesting.

This is how we got to the concept of temporary modes based on Custom lobbies. Now any crazy mix of settings is possible! The rotation of modes will happen every week, and you will be able to choose its parameters! 🤘

The Blast!, a new mode will open the season. It is a variation of Team Deathmatch with endless rounds, high jumps, low health, and a SPAS shotgun as the main weapon.

Season 4

Legends Battle Pass

Complete the missions, upgrade the Battle Pass level, and get incredible skins themed from ancient Greek mythology, skins for a new Kukri knife, event medals, stickers and charms.

Prove that you are worthy to write your name in history!

“Legends” Spins

Try your luck in the updated and improved spinner with a guaranteed Arcana!

Among the rewards from spinner, there is a special spin-currency that you can spend in a special store.

Legends (0.20.0) – Описание обновления, изображение №27

If you want to start again after the spin is complete or all positions in the store are bought, just restart the game!

The assortment will be updated, and you will be able to receive additional rewards.

Ranked rewards

Last season, in Standoff 2 a new competitive mode, "Allies", was introduced with its own statistics and ranks.

If you calibrated and received a rank, then you’ll get a special reward in Season 4!

By analogy with the classic Competitive mode and Clan Battles, when you first enter the game after the update, you will receive a special charm that marks your success.

Thank you for your service and good luck in the Legends season!

Gameplay accentuation

We are actively working on making our game interface friendlier, more convenient and more useful. To do so, we decided to add additional emphasis on the main events or match statistics, so that you navigate through the information faster.

This season we’ve added:

  • a special animation of changes in the economic balance;

  • a special icon and animation for the player who left the match;

  • special animation in HUD when picking up a bomb;

  • updated notifications about selected weapons;

  • a special animation when the player is the last in his team;

  • notification that this round is crucial for your team;

  • notification that a change of sides will take place soon;

  • timer before the start of the round in the purchase menu;

  • timer on the purchase button;

  • updated notifications about winning and losing a round;

  • notifications about winning and losing a match.

We believe that these changes will help you better navigate the match. Along with this, we will continue tracking your feedback and exploring new ways to improve your gaming experience! 🙂

Gameplay Improvements

  • Significant changes were made in the balance of weapons and economy. You can learn more about all the changes from this article.

  • We have redesigned the lighting and refined the environment on most maps to improve the visibility of the characters during the battle.

  • Displaying players behind shelters and on the radar is fixed.

Custom lobbies

New settings such as "High jumps" and "Setting the number of kills for the team to win" were added.

Tournament features (the observer mode)

  • Improved the observer interface;

  • It is now possible to disable the HUD;

  • Now the hitmarker is not shown with lumbago;

  • A special effect was added, if the character was blinded in a battle;

  • A new location of cameras has been added.

The Invitation system

Now you can create your individual invitation-link and share it with your friends on social networks!

At the moment, using this tool, you can share a link to:

  • your profile

  • your clan

  • or invite a player to the lobby.

In the upcoming patches

We are going to improve the character models. This will improve the appearance of the fighters, correct their “posture”, and also solve the "left shoulder" issue.

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