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Weapons and economy rebalanced in 0.20.0
Weapons and economy rebalanced in 0.20.0

In the 0.20.0 update several changes that will positively affect the current “meta” were added.

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We constantly analyze the preferences of the players and observe their behavior in matches. In the 0.20.0 update we have added a large set of changes that should have a positive impact on the current “meta”.

In this article you’ll learn about the changes of weapons and the economy.


The main goal was to find the optimal balance configuration, which will give preference to the player's skills, and at the same time, take the features of mobile gaming into consideration.

For these goals, we’ve checked various options for the balance of characteristics: cost, damage, rate of fire, spread, recoil and others.

We tried to limit the amount of changes and to implement them as smoothly as possible, not to complicate the process of getting used to the new balance. We hope this will help you adapt to them faster.

We’ll continue to monitor the statistics of the popularity and effectiveness of weapons. Meaning, that these changes are not final and there are more interesting things coming in the future!


We were concerned about the strong correlation of luck when playing with rifles. Due to the low spread when moving, players were often shooting non-stop and without sidesteps.

This led to the problems:

  • the chance to hit the target on the run depends more on luck than on player’s skill;

  • it’s more difficult to shoot at a moving target.

The changes for rifles are aimed at increasing the skill-dependance and reducing the need to shoot in motion. In addition to this, because of the high rate of firing, it was difficult to control the recoil and the magazine ran out too quickly.

Rifle changes:

  • Speed is slowed by 15% for all rifles;

  • Spreading when moving increased: by 30% - for most of the rifles, by 50% — for AKR12 and M16.


The cheapest rifle for Т-team, which biggest disadvantage was a time-consuming recharge.

FnFal changes:

  • Charge speed increased by 0,5s;

  • Price is lowered to 1900$;

  • Rate of fire is decreased by 15%;

  • Recoil on the move increased by 30%.


Could be called the FnFal analogue for CТ. High fire rate and lower armor penetration rate are the main changes.

Famas changes:

  • Rounds in magazines increased to 30;

  • Price is lowered to 2100$;

  • Rate of fire is decreased by 15%;

  • Recoil on the move increased by 30%.

M4 & M4A1

It’s hard to distinguish these two deadly twins. But we’re striving to make each of them unique. It’s for you to decide: High damage of M4 or precision and speed of М4А1?

M4 changes:

  • Damage increase;

  • Rate of fire is decreased by 15%;

  • Recoil on the move increased by 30%.

M4A1 changes:

  • Price is lowered to 3000$;

  • Recoil decreased;

  • Damage lowered;

  • Recoil on the move increased by 30%.


In comparison to M4 and M4A1, AKR is more powerful than these two. It has higher damage, penetration power and recoil. High precision of the first bullets with combination of headshot on a middle distance is what makes a skillful player into an unbeatable one.

AKR changes:

  • Rate of fire is decreased by 15%;

  • Recoil on the move increased by 30%.

AKR12 & M16

A perfect match for long and medium distances. Too good to be true. Both are most beloved by PRO players due to imbalance characteristics and features when a character squats.

Some of them were nerfed and now a player’s choice will depend on a style of their playing or on a position.

AKR12 & M16 changes:

  • Recoil increased;

  • Rate of fire is decreased by 15%;

  • Recoil on the move increased by 50%.

Heavy weapons

We have a concern about how well shotguns perform at medium and long distances. The new changes will balance this weapon type and bring it closer to its main task.

Let's start with a newbie, please, welcome — SPAS. It is the most expensive and the coolest one in terms of firepower of all shotguns. Despite the lowest rate of fire, it deals solid damage and dreads enemies at short and medium distances.

His younger brothers FabM & SM1014 have also undergone some minor changes. Now they deal less damage at a distance. FabM is well suited for close distances and has high jump accuracy, and the SM1014 has the highest rate of fire among all shotguns.

FabM & SM1014 changes:

  • Headshot damage is lowered;

  • Damage is reduced on distance.

Unfortunately, the heaviest weapon of all, М60, isn’t popular in ranking modes due to its price. But at the same time it’s too powerful for Team Deathmatch or modes as such. We are eager to bring M60 to a golden mean and make it more available, yet less imbalanced.

М60 changes:

  • Price lowered to 4000$;

  • Recoil on the move increased by 50%;

  • Recoil increased;

  • Penetration power is reduced;

  • Magazin recharging is prolonged.

Sniper Rifles

This type of weapon lacked the firing speed to match the dynamics of gameplay in Standoff 2. Also, players were sceptical of buying sniper rifles because of the high risks to the economy. A mistake could cost the team a lot.


Has the lowest damage of all sniper rifles, but very useful for money-saving matches. If you are going to play with it at long distances and about to earn a lot of money for kills with a minimum of investments, then buying this weapon will be the best decision.

М40 changes:

  • Price lowered to 1000$;

  • No-scope precision increased;

  • Amount of rounds in magazine reduced to 7;

  • Precision of shooting in the squatting position is decreased;

  • Rate of fire increased.


Due to high fate of fire, no-scope precision and ability to kill an enemy with a one shot, this weapon can destroy everything in sight at any distance. In order to give the opponents a chance to fight back, the number of rounds was changed, and this is why with frequent misses, a player will have to recharge earlier.

AWM changes:

  • Price lowered to 4000$;

  • No-scope precision increased;

  • Amount of rounds in magazine reduced to;

  • Rate of fire increased.


The powerful rapid-fire sniper rifle has the highest price among all the weapons in Standoff 2. It was almost never used by players, because of the high risks to the economy. We’ve made it more affordable, and have decreased the number of rounds in the magazine.

M110 changes:

  • Price lowered to 4300$;

  • Amount of rounds in magazine reduced to 10.

Submachine guns

SGs differ from other weapons by an extremely high rate of fire and a low spread in movement. This makes them a perfect solution for shooting at short and medium distances. This type of weapon is also well suited for money-saving matches, when you need to get a lot of money with a minimum of costs. A feature applied to all SGs in the game is a strong reduction of damage at long distances.

The ranks of submachine guns are followed by MAC10. A light weapon for T- team, allowing you to gain high running speed. The low price, large reward for kills and the high rate of fire make this weapon suitable for playing at short distances in eco-rounds.

UMP45 is now a weapon only used by the CT-team. Unlike MAC10, it has higher damage, cost, and shot rates. But at the same time, the rate of fire is lower and the number of rounds in the magazine is less.

UMP45 changes:

  • Increased damage.

If you don't mind spending more money for more firepower, MP5 & MP7 will do their job. Those who want to bring down a barrage of bullets on their opponents should pay attention to the P90. You will have 50 bullets at your service, while only 2 hits are enough to kill in the head.


Due to the small number of rounds, guns are significantly inferior to main types of weapons. However, it is still a good choice for eco-rounds due to their low price. Unfortunately, guns were rarely used in money-saving matches due to the low rate of fire. We decided to give more opportunities to our players to show themselves as top gun accuracy with this weapon.

USP & G22 & P350 changes:

  • Increased rate of fire;

  • G22 has increased chest and arm damage.

The most rapid-firing guns are the Five Seven & Tec9. For their price, you receive a sufficient supply of ammo and a solid damage for guns.

Five Seven changes:

  • Increased spread in motion;

  • Reduced recoil.

Tec9 changes:

  • Increased damage.

Desert Eagle (or Deagle) is a very expensive gun with the highest damage and fire power. It is quite difficult to master, but at the same time everyone is afraid of his one-shot headshots at long distances.

We have made it even more effective for close distance shooting by increasing its rate of fire. To balance this, Deagle's damage has been reduced.

You can still destroy your opponents with 2 bullets at close range, and now it will take less time. If the fight is at a long distance, you will have to headshot an enemy, otherwise you will need 3 hits to the body to kill.

Desert Eagle changes:

  • Increased rate of fire;

  • Reduced damage;

  • Reduced recoil.


We have reduced the damage received from a HE grenade, if you have a bulletproof vest on.


The following modes: Defuse, Allies, Clan battles and Competitive had 4 completely different economic systems. This complicated the learning process and confused the players.

We've changed the rewards so that you no longer have to do a second pistol round if you lose the first one. Kills with all weapons types will now give a fairer reward. In addition, we have completely remastered the economy of modes and the cost of equipment:

  • A row of losses will no longer get more money to the players who lost than to the winners.

Victory is always more desirable and should be rewarded more than defeat. We consider this fair and want to dispel your possible worries: thanks to the minimum reward increased, the losing team will now have the opportunity to buy better weapons than before.

  • Now the cost of all items is a multiple of 100.

  • All four modes now have the same economy system.

  • The reward for win in the round has decreased, and for losing it has increased.

  • Weapon kill rewards have been changed.

How awards have been changed:



Max money


Team win reward


Team reward for win with a bomb


Reward for loss


Consecutive loss reward


Max loss reward


Reward for planting a bomb


Team Reward for planting a bomb


Reward for defusing a bomb


What about the rewards for kills with a certain type of weapon:











Sniper Rifle




Grenade HE










All these changes await you in the game, now it's time to start a battle and immerse in a new gaming experience!

We're looking forward to your feedback on the new update and changes.

All aboard!

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