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Link authorization method to Standoff 2 account
Link authorization method to Standoff 2 account

How to transfer your account from iOS to Android devices without losing the progress and inventory items.

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In a nutshell

  1. In Standoff 2 game accounts are linked to side service accounts, e.g. Google, Facebook, Game Center, Apple ID, Huawei ID.

  2. Side service accounts are used only for authorization in Standoff 2 account. That means that we do not store your login information from these services.

  3. In patch 0.16.5, we added a feature that allows to link several different services of authorization to one game profile. So that you will be able to play with the same Standoff 2 account on different devices with different systems (Android, iOS).

  4. Every in-game account has one main service it's linked to. The main authorization method can’t be changed.

  5. For each new account, a certain authorization method, a player signs in for the first time, becomes the main one by default.

  6. It’s impossible to link an additional authorization method to the account that already has linked Standoff 2 accounts (was signed in with even once).

  7. Do not share your login information/access to your device to other people.

You can link to your account only services that are supported on your device. For instance, it's not possible to link Apple ID or Huawei ID on a device with Google services.

What does “main authorization method” mean?

The main authorization method is the method you signed in for the first time.

Example#1, A new player

Let’s imagine that Alex is our new player. He’s just got a new iPhone and installed Standoff 2. He doesn’t have an account yet. As he signs in with Game Center, it automatically becomes his main authorization method.

Example#2, An active player

If you already have an account in Standoff 2, you just need to update the game and sing in. For instance, if you play on Huawei account and log in with it after the update, it will be registered as the main authorization method. You can find this information in Settings → Authorization.

Note: On this tab the main authorization method has already been linked. Important: you can’t change it or unlink.

Is it possible to have more than one main authorization method?

Yes, it is, but only if two different accounts are concerned.

Let us explain. You used Game Center to sign in on your iPhone, and after that has registered a new account with Facebook. In this case, you have two absolutely different accounts (with different progress and inventory). Moreover, each of them is going to have their own main authorization method.

For the first one it will be Game Center, for the second - Facebook.

How to make a transfer from iOS to Android?

Before you start using your new device, link your Standoff 2 account to the new authorization method.

  • Proceed to the game Settings → Authorization.

  • Add an additional account by choosing another authorization method in a list.

    It is extremely important the chosen method does not have any previously linked accounts! Otherwise you simply could not link an account to it and use it as an additional authorization method.

  • Great! You’ve created a new account that will perform as a backup authorization method.

  • Now you can use the additional account to sign in with it on a new device, if it supports this authorization method.

Note: It is extremely important that an additional account (for example, Google or Facebook) is “empty”. Meaning, it’s never been used to sign in or to create an account with it in Standoff 2.

Is there any limitation on additional account amounts?

You can link all possible authorization methods in the list supported on the current device.

Nota bene: you can’t link an account to authorization method, if it’s not supported on the current device

For example, Apple ID, Game Center or Huawei are not available on devices with Android system. However, you could link it to Facebook and sign in on Apple and Huawei devices.

How to change the main authorization method?

Unfortunately, it is not possible.

What if I share my account login and password to my friend or another player?

Making such information public is a serious violation. We strongly do not recommend sharing logins and passwords even with very close people. Just as giving your device with the game on to other players.

The risk of them abusing your trust and taking advantage from this situation to link their authorization method to your account is very high. In this case, we could not help you or do anything to make amends, since Axlebolt LTD does not store your login data.

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